Powrmatic Coolair

Tidyco and Powrmatic Launch New Product Offering

Powrmatic have brought the Seeley International’s Coolair Evaporative Cooler to the HVAC market.

The Coolair evaporative cooler delivers cool, 100% fresh air, at much lower costs than refrigerated methods.

Evaporative cooling is fast becoming the only viable option for cooling large areas

A Coolair system can typically use less energy than refrigerated cooling systems. Doors and windows can be left open, with absolutely no loss of cooling efficiency. Because a constant natural flow of 100% fresh air is drawn into the building and then expelled, odours, germs and airborne contaminants are removed and not recirculated around the building.

The Air Quality At A Reasonable Level Means:
• Increased productivity
• Reduced operating temperatures
• Improved working conditions
• Meeting health & safety regulations
• Decreased absenteeism
• Decreased accident rate
• Increased Profits

Coolair Evaporative Cooler Benefits:
• Typically use less energy than refrigerated cooling systems
• Whisper-quiet cooling
• Low maintenance costs
• Delivers fresh, filtered, healthy outside air
• Low CO² emissions for the environment

Flexible Cooling:
If you need to cool small areas within a large space, then evaporative cooling gives you the only effective option which is spot cooling. With spot cooling, an envelope of cool, high velocity air can be directed to a specific area, irrespective of the surrounding conditioning.

The evaporation process removes heat and produces a large continuous stream of comfortably cool, clean, fresh air… Nothing could be more natural. Air within your environment is cooled and completely replaced every few minutes - so it is always Coolair fresh.

How it works:

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