Tidyco supplies a full range of Tsurumi Petrol & Diesel Water Pumps. Buy online. Benefit from 'Live' chat engineering support.

Tidyco offers a complete remedy to all your water pump needs with a line of engine products that save you on time and expenditure.

Tidyco has a choice of three Petrol and Diesel Tsurumi Water Pumps all working in the same way but all containing different features, designed to adapt and thrive in a specific environment.

By using only the best engines available, we can ensure that the parts used are globally recognised; making this range an industry favourite.

See below the ideal industry’s they are used in, this will assist you in choosing the correct pump.

Flooding Pumps

 Industrial Pumps

Agriculture & Farming

Irrigation Pumps

Engine water pumps are powered by petrol or diesel. Engine driven pumps are designed to be used out of water and must not be used inside buildings or partially enclosed areas. Pump end options are either centrifugal or diaphragm. Both require inlet and outlet pipe. A centrifugal engine water pump requires priming initially to self-prime and should not run without water.

The major advantage of using an engine water pump is the sheer durability and longevity; it has the ability to pump through various types of waste causing it minimal damage. This is down to Centrifugal pumps use magnetic couplings which breakup on a high load eliminating the risk of damaging the motor.

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