Mobile Repair and Replace Pneumatic Cylinder Service

East Midlands based Tidyco; a supplier of hydraulic and pneumatic solutions for over 40 years, launches a new reactive mobile pneumatic cylinder repair/replace service as part of the group’s on-going plans for expansion.

The latest development within the organisation’s service portfolio is now available throughout the East Midlands region, competently supported by a dedicated fleet of mobile engineers. Completely reactive to the needs of on-site pneumatic failure, Tidyco has implemented a bespoke remote workforce monitoring application so as to allocate call-out requests to the engineer within closest proximity. Of equal importance is the unique asset management technology, allowing for ease of visibility and re-order simplification via a Cyber Essentials certified secure cloud based platform.

Reactive mobile pneumatic repair is ideal for local quarries and ground preparation sites whereby large vehicles transport vast quantities of heavy aggregate on a continuous basis. Understandably, the pneumatic cylinders used to control the deposit of loads undergo extreme stresses each and every working day. Prone to damage, a failed pneumatic cylinder can cause critical downtime.

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  • Collect from site
  • Repair or manufacture to specification in the Tidyco workshop
  • Return to site
  • Reduce downtime
  • Increase productivity 

Contact the Tidyco Commercial Account Management team on 01332 851302 between the hours of 8.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday or by email at:

Alternatively, you can talk with the team during working hours in real time via Live Chat directly from the Tidyco website: