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Tidyco Manufactures & Overhauls Rail Brake Hose Assemblies to TI/C10265 for the likes of Siemens, Bombardier and Unipart, including Reds, Yellows and Coupling Cocks.

These parts are safety critical and require close attention when overhauling to ensure they are seal tight to deliver maximum performance.

A railway air brake is a railway brake power braking system with compressed air as the operating medium. Modern trains rely upon a fail-safe air brake system. With over 30 years experience supplying the rail OEM and aftersales markets Tidyco has positioned its self as the market leader for new rail brake hose assemblies and overhaul of the existing float.

This particular family of product is known by several different names within the rail industry such as “reds and yellows”, “rail brake hoses”, “main reservoir hoses”, “gladhand coupler” and “coupling cocks” etc.

A gladhand connector or gladhand coupler is an interlocking hose coupling fitted to hoses supplying pressurized air from a tractor unit to an air brakes on a semi-trailer, or from a locomotive to railway air brakes on railroad cars. Mating rubber grommets provide a positive seal. Joined halves separate automatically when depressurized. Gladhand couplers are genderless or hermaphroditic, allowing them to be freely connected to each other, for example allowing either end of a rail vehicle to be connected to the end of a train.

Coupling cocks or isolation cocks are simply placed in series at the vehicle end and is used to isolate vehicles whilst maintaining the pressure in the system so allowing vehicles to be decoupled and moved about, the rail brake hose is attached to the coupling cock.

Tidyco manufactures new brake hose assemblies and coupling cocks from 100% genuine components. Tidyco’s comprehensive catalogue of BR CAT Numbers makes ordering quick and simple.

Tidyco is approved to overhaul coupling cocks and brake hoses, following approved overhaul procedure TI/C10265 the various assemblies are stripped down, cleaned, shot blasted to remove any old paint, re painted and re assembled using new UIC830-1 specification hose, seals, springs, bolts etc. All overhauled brake hoses and coupling cocks are 100% pressure and leak tested before being returned to the customer.

We realise the critical nature of these parts and so offer our customers the very best levels of service and product quality. Via our online portal you can monitor and track the progress of your assets through our manufacturing system giving you peace of mind.

We offer our customers three service levels;

  • While-U-Wait service is as the name suggests “While-U-Wait”, simply bring your hoses to our trade counter for an instant turn around.

  • Our Express service will guarantee delivery back to you within 2 working days from receiving the product.

  • Our Standard service will guarantee delivery back to you within 5 working days from the Wednesday after receiving your product

Contact Tidyco on 01332 851300 between the hours of 8.00am and 5.00pm GMT, Monday to Friday (excluding UK Bank Holidays) or by the contact form.

Red and Yellows

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