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Parts Kitting for Rolling Stock

Tidyco's parts kitting for rolling stock service is used to supply complex, multi-level kits of parts for our OEM customers.

Computer controlled Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) systems ensure all components and assemblies involved in a kit are purchased, manufactured and kitted together in accordance with the customer's specification.

Tidyco’s stringent quality system ensures the kits are produced correctly and in accordance with the customer’s specification, every stage of the manufacturing process is quality controlled to ensure 100% conformance. The final stage involves kitting together all the component parts and assemblies, this is done by one of our engineers. The final kit is then checked against the Bill of Materials (BOM) by a supervisor, if correct it is then passed to despatch.

Tidyco will even deliver kits presented on a shadow board, fully labelled with your part number at no extra cost! The major advantage of this is clear visibility of parts for your assembly team, enabling them to be more productive and so saving you time and increasing profits. Tidyco also offer an on site fitting service to alleviate production bottlenecks, improve productivity and reduce your lead-time.

The advantages of parts kitting to the customer are significant;

• Reduced Purchasing Activity – You only need to order one part number, that’s all.

• Faster Goods Receipt – You only need to book in one line rather that multiple lines, also saving you time if the goods are to be warehoused.

• Reduced Supplier Management – Parts kitting will reduce the number of suppliers you need.

• Improved Productivity – Improved material supply will reduce non-productive time wasted looking for material etc.

• Reduced Purchase Ledger Activity – Less part numbers means less invoices.

Contact the Tidyco Commercial Account Management team on 01332 851316 between the hours of 8.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday or by email at: Tidyco.online@tidyco.co.uk.

Alternatively, you can talk with the team during working hours in real time via Live Chat directly from the Tidyco website: www.tidyco.co.uk.

Part Kit Assemblies

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