Servicing the Rail Aftermarket
Servicing the Rail Aftermarket

Tidyco has more than 40 years experience supplying products and services to the rail industry, Tidyco has built on a strong reputation for producing reliable, high quality refurbished products.

Tidyco’s continual improvement systems have been deployed to minimise waste, minimise lead time and maximise quality. Tidyco’s continual investment in new plant, equipment, systems and people ensures lead times are continually reduced, minimising time on works.

Tidyco has built strong alliances with Bombardier Transportation, Unipart Rail, Siemens Transportation, Wabtec, EWS, Faiveley Transport etc working closely to ensure 100% reliability and customer satisfaction.

Coupling Cocks, Reds and Yellows

Red and Yellow Coupling Cocks

Red and yellow hoses carry compressed air between carriages on a train and so forming a circuit for use in the trains braking system. Coupling cocks are located in line between the carriage and the hose and are used to isolate a carriages air supply if required. The system is fail-safe and in the event of loss of system pressure the braking system will be engaged.

The hoses and cocks are periodically removed from the train and sent to Tidyco for overhaul. The overhaul procedure consists of stripping all parts, shot blast and paint, all rubber hose and seals are replaced, rebuild and test in accordance with the manufactures instructions.

Tidy currently overhauls over 500 hoses and coupling cocks per month for use on the UK rail network

Discharge Valves

Forming part of a trains effluent system the discharge valve is used to switch the emptying of the train’s effluent tank. These valves are periodically removed from the train and sent to Tidyco for overhaul. The overhaul procedure briefly consists of stripping and cleaning all parts, replacing all seals, rebuilding and testing

Manifold Blocks

Tidyco overhaul various different manifolds such as the manifold blocks that control the tilting angle on high speed trains to enable safer, faster cornering on high speed trains. Adhering to strict overhaul procedures for safety critical railway items, the manifolds are stripped down, all the seals are removed and the blocks are then cleaned and subjected to a thorough inspection for wear and tear. Any damaged blocks are discarded and replaced while those passing inspection are fitted with new seals, re-assembled and fully tested before refitting to the vehicle.



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