Dellner UK Cylinder Overhaul for use on a Class 390 Pendolino Tilting Train. This cylinder plays a key role in the train coupler system and required a quick turnaround to get the train out of depot and back up and running as soon as possible.

Pendolino Class 390 Trains have a very complex mechanism, they are required to tilt to allow the train to go around curves at higher speeds without causing undue discomfort to passengers. This operating cylinder plays an integral part in the coupling system, by providing Dellner with a complete Overhaul we were able to save them money on sourcing a replacement and more importantly downtime.

We applied a Four stage process to this Overhaul;
  1. Disassembly; Stripping each individual part down.
  2. Deep Cleaning; cleaning all remaining parts down and sourcing replacements (seals, caps etc)
  3. Assembly; Following strict guidelines to ensure each part is replaced as new, rebuilding the cylinder exactly as it was.
  4. Testing; Ensuring the cylinder was working both ways without any leakages.

Within the space of two days this Operational Cylinder was delivered back to Dellner UK, ready to fit on their train. We offer outstanding lead times on Overhaul projects to ensure the customer gets back up and running as quick as possible – from a single Cylinder to pallets of Coupling Cocks, we always strive to improve our turn around.