Tidyco Overhaul numerous Coupling Cocks every month for the Heritage Railway, ensuring every iconic train has a failsafe breaking system. Each Coupling Cock goes through a rigorous 6 stage overhaul process to ensure it meet exacting safety standard of the UK Rail Network.

Brake Coupling Cock Overhaul for use on the UK Heritage Rail Network, specifically; London & Northwestern Heritage Railway Ltd (LNWR) – providing a Coupling Cock overhaul service for use on a number of high profile classic trains.

A Coupling Cock is located in line between the carriage and the brake hose and are used to isolate air supply, the system is fail-safe and in the event of loss of system pressure the braking system will be engaged. Coupling Cocks are safety critical, they need to be completely seal tight to ensure the safety of the train when the braking system is engaged.

Once we receive a batch of Coupling Cocks from LNWR, we put them through a 6 stage Overhaul process;

  1. Check whether a modified handle needs to be fitted. Each Coupling Cock has either a plain or locking handle, which can often require altering based on the application.
  2. Strip, Clean and Identify any defects. Once checked a new Vent Seal and Spherical Valve Seat are fitted.
  3. Renew the Body Brush if required (often oil impregnation is very slight, but this can occur)
  4. Test for correct operation, ensuring there are absolutely no leakages – if a Coupling Cock fails, it is stripped, re-assembled, inspected and re-tested until it passes.
  5. Prior to dispatch, each Coupling Cock is analysed to identify whether the external paint finish has deteriorated – if so, it goes through a painting process to ensure it is the correct colour (Red or Yellow)

We have an outstanding manufacturing facility based in the heart of the East Midlands. Our team of over 45 staff can turn around a Coupling Cock Overhaul project in exceptional timescales to meet the train operators schedules.

Our Coupling Cocks can be seen on various Heritage Trains such as the; Britannia, Royal Scot, Braunton, Sherwood Forester and the Blue Peter.