NDT MainCal offer Calibration and Repair of NDT (non destructive testing) equipment. The calibration work is completed in accordance with national and international standards. In addition to project based work, they also offer an on site while you wait service for equipment that is not portable.

"TidyCo supplied all the pneumatic components for my latest project at an excellent price, offering help and advice where needed with the selection of components. The pneumatic rams were manufactured to my specific length requirements and were ready within two days."

- Lee Wilde, NDT MainCal

NDT MainCal approached Tidyco with a project for a Dye penetrant inspection line, specifically testing aircraft wheels for a major customer in Abu Dhabi. This project required a number of high quality pneumatic components that included;

All P1D-S cylinders are manufactured & tested in house by Tidyco, within two days of receiving the order we had produced bespoke cylinders to the exact requirements of NDT that were ready to fit on site. 80% of all of the other components were held in stock in our East Midlands based warehouse, the other 20% were ordered directly from Parker Hannifin, and sent straight to NDT in Sheffield.

The P1D cylinders were used at various stages of the line, 63mm diameter rams were used to lower the test piece into the penetrant solution and then lower the wheels into a wash tank. Another stage used 32mm diameter Parker P1D cylinders to open and close doors on the dust storm chamber.

We supplied Parker Hannifin & Legris products for this project, previously NDT had used another pneumatic supplier however they often found leaks in their compressed air fittings, and regularly noticed cylinders underperforming – which lead to increased maintenance costs and prolonged downtime. Since moving supplier to Parker Hannifin NDT have noticed a significant reduction in leakages and downtime, helping save money and increase performance.

Tidyco supply over 60,000 pneumatic parts from brands such as Parker Hannifin, Legris and Kelm. We also manufacture assemblies, design pneumatic systems and have the capability to offer support at every stage of a pneumatic project/build or overhaul.

Find out more at; http://www.maincal.co.uk

About the author

Barry Aldridge MCIM

Head of Marketing at Tidyco Limited and member of the Board of Directors for Midlands Rail Forum.