Successful teamwork is essential to Tidyco in delivering a best in class customer service. Some key benefits of a positive team structure include:
• Increased Productivity and Efficiency
• Enhanced Customer Journey Experience
• Timely and Reactive Support
• Fast Resolution
• Consumer Satisfaction
• Profitable Growth

By successfully integrating technology within a pro-active team environment, Tidyco infuses a positive influence to the overall customer journey. In turn, a pleasant experience increases the likeliness of a customer becoming truly engaged with the organisation.
Encouraging social inclusion and interaction allows consumers to feel a sense of belonging within a combined ‘journey.’
Quite some time ago, I developed an idea of an all encompassing ‘Stakeholder Engagement Point’ (SEP) and began to formulate who my intended audience was.
I believed that ‘all encompassing’ was an extremely important element of the SEP. The key stakeholders developed were:
• Internal Employees
• Suppliers
• Customers
• Potential Customers
• Communities
• Media and Press
• Government and Public Sector
• Local and Global Business
• Industry People and Thought Leaders
• General Social (via multiple channels) Inclusion

Internal employees were at the top of my list. I was very much aware that delivering poignant and emotive external communications was relatively easy but, it was critical to have internal understanding, enthusiasm and inclusion.

The concept being that ‘we’ (as a team) are on a continuing and combined journey. Everybody is included and plays an important role in achieving goals and objectives.

A harmonised internal team delivers a positive experience to external stakeholders.

This is a concept that Erica Abbott – Customer Services Manager for Tidyco Ltd understands well.

Erica explains;

“When forming my customer service team, I believed that it was extremely important for them to feel involved with influencing the company direction. I asked all team members to create individual mission statements which were then combined into what we have collectively named the Customer Charter.”
The Tidyco Customer Charter has been professionally printed in a large poster format and placed upon highly visible walls throughout the Derby (UK) based plant.

Erica continues;

“Multiple copies of the Tidyco Customer Charter have been situated in all areas of the building so as to provide inclusion for each and every employee.”
Applying technology to the team focused strategy delivers exceptional results.


A recent Customer Journey Experience resulted in complete satisfaction by entwining teamwork with the following technical applications:
• Online Store
• ‘Real Time’ Live Chat
• ‘Real Time’ Google Analytics
• Bespoke CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software

Team Members:
• Erica Abbott – Customer Services Manager
• Barry Aldridge – Marketing Manager
• Martin Lord – Customer Support Agent

A customer from the United States of America wished to make a purchase from the Tidyco Online Store but had forgotten their password (a familiar issue for most of us).

The customer decided to make contact via the online ‘Live Chat’ facility. Martin immediately engaged with the chat and asked the team how best technically to reset the password so the client could swiftly make the desired purchase. I responded;

“Let her know that we are resetting the password straight away.”
Erica and I jointly accessed the Tidyco CRM System, inputted the users email address and reset the password.
At this point, Martin communicated the new password via ‘Live Chat’ and advised changing it after login for added security.
The online user entered the store. We were able to monitor her journey via ‘Real Time’ Google Analytics (providing guidance using ‘Live Chat’ where necessary) through to final cart submission.
Upon completion of payment, the order then displayed on the Tidyco CRM System as a successful transaction. Erica ensured that the product was correctly processed and that appropriate shipping methods had been deployed.
Martin confirmed via ‘Live Chat’ that the order had been completed and communicated the delivery date. This communication was further supported by an automated email notification.
This fantastic combination of teamwork and technology empowered Tidyco to react with great speed to ensure that the customer’s requirements were efficiently met.
The end result was a satisfied client who was extremely impressed with the team’s competency in helping to overcome a technical issue whilst remotely supporting the completion of an order process in ‘real time’.

The online customer could have easily become frustrated at a slow response and gone elsewhere to source the product but, through reactive teamwork and engagement received all the necessary technical support to complete the transaction in a timely manner.

Through collaboration and software application, Tidyco remotely supported a customer in ‘real time’ to overcome technical issues and complete an online purchase in an efficient and timely manner.
The Tidyco team sits closely to one another in an open plan office. Each with differing job roles, we are able to combine resources and multiple skills to work in partnership so as to rapidly provide customer focused solutions.

A major route to export is through the Tidyco online store. As a result, our people, systems and processes serve as major differentials regarding service and supply.



Customers across the globe recognise the Tidyco team as real people and feel engagement with regards to whom we are and where we are going.
To find out more about who we are, our people, service offerings and where we are going, please view the Tidyco Ltd online brochure.

About the author

Barry Aldridge MCIM

Head of Marketing at Tidyco Limited and member of the Board of Directors for Midlands Rail Forum.