Communication is an important element of business. Most would agree that we live in a ‘noisy’ society whereby the large amount of mixed marketing messages presented to us can very often feel overwhelming.

The explosion of smart technology, the internet and social media has exposed us all to exceptionally high volumes of mass communication.

A frequently used communication model involves the sender, the message, the receiver and surrounding noise. What this means is that the full message is rarely fully interpreted by the receiver.

The Communication Challenge:

Businesses face a tough challenge when presenting their products and service offerings both online as well as via more traditional methods. Equally, consumers face a great deal of confusion regarding where best to purchase.

It is more important than ever for an organisation to provide a meaningful communication strategy as well as supply multiple methods of allowing people to talk clearly and concisely with one another.

For example, running an online search for water pumps brings up a wide variety of digital stores competing for premium advertising space and search engine visibility.

A consumer in the market for purchasing a water pump is spoilt for choice as to where to shop but needs to make a prudent and well informed decision as where best to source the desired product.

Important too, is an understanding of the variety of requirements and differing product specifications within the overall water pump market.

A water pump for a domestic garden water feature is completely different to the pump technology used within commercial industries such as agriculture or construction. If in doubt, a consumer benefits greatly from specific technical support whilst online.

The Tidyco Communication Solution:

Communication comes in many forms; ranging from the way a product is displayed online through to the tone-of-voice used during a telephone conversation. Tidyco Ltd utilises a full mix of communication tools providing customers with multiple methods of engagement.

Firstly, the Tidyco Ltd online store has been designed in such a way so as to make it viewable across all devices (Smart Phone, Tablet, Desktop). The layout allows for ease of product presentation, specifications and descriptions whilst being simple to navigate.

A Live Chat feature has been incorporated into the online store ensuring that ‘real time’ support is available to guide visitors through the process of sourcing and selecting the most appropriate product for their needs.

All Tidyco Live Chat Customer Support Agents are engineers, competent and fully experienced in providing comprehensive technical support and advice.

This is a key differentiation when deciding where to purchase.

If (like me) an online visitor prefers to speak over the telephone, calling the dedicated customer support number allows a consumer to talk directly with the team of engineers who also operate the Live Chat facility.

Tidyco Ltd is a trusted distributor of high quality products and nurtures on-going partnership relationships with its suppliers, ensuring that all products are fit-for-purpose as well as competitively priced.

By listening to customers needs Tidyco can propose the most suitable product and also has the ability to re-adjust price accordingly. For example, if a construction site requires twenty water pumps, Tidyco Ltd may be able to negotiate through supplier relations a more competitive price relevant to individual requirements.

If appropriate, a customer journey which begins on the online store can pass through an additional channel in order to best service consumer demand.

Local customers may very well find the product they are looking for via the Tidyco online store but during the journey process decide that a visit to the trade counter is a more preferable option.

Listening is the most important part of the overall communication process and Tidyco listens extremely well.

Upon making an online purchase, consumers are sent a feedback request. The feedback system has been designed to be both easy to complete and return. Tidyco asks the following two questions:

• How was your overall experience with Tidyco?

• What can we do to improve your experience with Tidyco?

Finally, Tidyco asks customers to rate their overall experience from 0-5.

Tidyco listens, values and replies to all customer feedback and where appropriate, makes the necessary changes to ensure a continuous improvement to the products and service provisions supplied.

Equally valuable, is the ability for customers to engage with Tidyco socially. Social communication also takes multiple forms, ranging from; Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ You Tube through to physical social interactions such as networking, exhibitions and trade counter events.

Being a family run business which is driven by relationships means that Tidyco customers will get to know the team.

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About the author

Barry Aldridge MCIM

Head of Marketing at Tidyco Limited and member of the Board of Directors for Midlands Rail Forum.