77% Growth for Tidyco Climate Control
77% Growth for Tidyco Climate Control

Derby-based Tidyco, a supplier of hydraulic and pneumatic products to the UK rail industry for over 40 years, also provides a complete HVAC design, supply, install and planned maintenance service provision through its Climate Control division.

Here, divisional Director David Hithersay discusses his role within Tidyco and the vision he has for the future of Climate Control.

Hi David, how long have you worked for Tidyco and what prompted you to set up the Climate Control division?

I have worked at Tidyco for around eight years now. Interestingly, my father worked as an HVAC contractor for David Tidy back when the business was an equipment hire company. I spent my childhood in the 80’s visiting the Tidy Hire premises and learnt all about the industry in a very practical manner.

Inevitably, I ended up working for the family business on the tools, so to speak. I gained a massive amount of experience in working on large contracts, predominantly for the MOD.

After gaining more industry acumen, I decided to set up my own business which was a wonderful experience. At this point I realised that as a business owner, I needed to let go of certain things and grew a team of specialist engineers which freed me up to manage overall aspects of the organisation.

I designed a business model focused on targeting the end user which allowed me to interact directly with decision makers and facilities management.

Previous work had taught me that becoming involved within a contractor based scenario could potentially introduce business critical challenges.

By now Tidyco had become a Hydraulics focussed organisation similar to what it is today and was still a customer of mine. I knew James Tidy very well and the Tidyco Climate Control division came about as part of a collaborative idea as how best to grow the family owned business.

Were there any challenges in the early days?

Certainly, it was effectively a new venture start-up so we were very much aware that we would face preliminary hurdles. The biggest challenge was making an extremely reactive service provision fit within a mould that had heavy experience within a structured engineering and manufacturing contractual working practice.

The Board of Directors provided considerable support and was keen to see Tidyco Climate Control divisional growth. The Directors also provided assistance in designing systems and processes so as to entwine the business model within an existing infrastructure.

How much has the Climate Control division grown since inception?

The division has seen an exceptional 77% growth since its inception which is testament that a business model focused upon end users really does work.

I am a big believer that people buy from people and work hard to ensure that I maintain positive relationships with my client portfolio. If you can get this right, customers will remain extremely loyal.


Can you tell us a little bit about the recent team re-structure?

As part of an on-going growth strategy, I was very much aware that I needed to restructure the centrally located support team.

The previous layout was somewhat sporadic whereby my team sat in various locations within an open plan office. Simply bringing the team together to sit in one ‘pod’ has made a rapid and positive difference.

Ellis is now focused purely on sales and I have introduced Jade to the team to manage engineer booking and allocation. Charlotte has been with us for nearly a year under an apprentice scheme through Derby College and remains a consistent support provider for administrative duties.

With a little bit of clever ergonomic and job function strategic application, the division is now much more efficient and streamlined which will support me in my initiatives to grow the division. Of course, the restructure has also freed me up to spend more time nurturing the relationships that I have with my clients.


What makes Tidyco Climate Control unique in the market?

Tidyco Climate Control applies a genuine customer-centric methodology to how we treat our clients. I have said it before and will reinforce the message again; treating people well will foster loyalty. I want our customers to enjoy working with us.

Important too, is the need to treat suppliers in the same manner as our customers. Through nurturing positive relationships, Tidyco is able to work in partnership with trusted brands so as to deliver competitive HVAC solutions.


Are there any other key differentiations?

Tidyco Climate Control has introduced the asset management system. This process involves tagging each piece of equipment within a property with a unique identifier. Maintenance is automated eliminating the risk of a fine under industry regulations.

Clients have full login credentials to a secure cloud based platform whereby they can effectively manage their own contract.

Tidyco has recently been awarded with the Government fuelled Cyber Essentials certification so customers can rest assured that their data is as safe as can be.

Who are your typical customers?

Customers include small to medium businesses in the industrial commercial sector with specific requirements for complete HVAC system design, supply, installation and on-going planned maintenance.

I have recently begun working in partnership with selected developers in designing and installing systems for new build projects.

Additional clients include national multi site organisations where we undertake planned maintenance works utilising our own unique portal system.

We have a dedicated Corporate Social Responsibility procedure which enables us to work closely with the public sector.


You also supply HVAC products on a distribution basis, can you expand upon this?

We have an online store which sells a wide variety of HVAC product solutions which is well worth checking out.
Again, it is our partnership with suppliers that empowers Tidyco to deliver some truly innovative products to market.

For example, we are working closely with Powrmatic to supply air conditioning units that have some truly exciting features based upon smart integration and IoT. Furthermore, we have a product solution which is perfect for hotels and hospitality as it blends stylishly into the ambience. The product range is also suitable for listed buildings as it does not require bulky outdoor units.

Tidyco also has extensive experience with heat pump water heating technology and can supply and install a product which delivers an impressive 60% energy saving.

I would urge anybody who is keen to learn more to give me a call on 01332 851 300 to discuss further.


How do you think that advancements with Industry 4.0, IoT, IoE and SMART integration will affect the overall HVAC industry?

I think technological advancements are going to be great for energy saving initiatives which will provide positive environmental effects whilst contributing to the clients commercial bottom line. I am fascinated by integrating tech within my system designs and by working with energy surveyors at building design stage can play a pivotal role in using smart technology within on-going installations.

The integration of Industry 4.0, smart application and IoT technology within energy-saving system design and install is evolving at a rapid pace and far greater than the first digital wave and Tidyco is ahead of the game!
I believe that efficiency gains are set to be even more substantial in the near future.

What is your vision for the future of the Tidyco Climate Control division?

I am focused on 10% growth for the financial year and believe that a drive towards dedicated sales and logistical management will greatly support my target.

Forming part of a managerial project to introduce three motivational objectives, my personal #Motivational3 are:
1. OFFER a reliable and trusted service provision
2. INTEGRATE efficiency gains within scope of supply
3. INNOVATE through supply chain partnerships

Maximising local business activity will also be essential. Tidyco already has a presence through the Hose Doctor division at the East Midlands Gateway site. As the project evolves, there will be additional opportunities for Climate Control. Much further down the line, the Rail division will also become a key player within the initiative, which all forms part of the Government fuelled Midlands Engine and Industrial Strategy.

I am keen to physically grow the division with the purchase of additional vehicles and expansion of field based engineers.

With energy efficiency becoming more and more important we will be working closely with specifiers as well as energy assessors to ensure that BREAM and SBEM requirements are upheld.


About the author

Barry Aldridge MCIM

Head of Marketing at Tidyco Limited and member of the Board of Directors for Midlands Rail Forum.