HVAC system design and installation has exciting potential integration of Industry 4.0.
HVAC system design and installation has exciting potential integration of Industry 4.0.

40% of the UK’s energy consumption and carbon emissions come from the way our buildings are lit, heated and used. Even comparatively small changes in energy performance and the way we use each building will have a significant effect in reducing total energy consumption.*

Whilst there has been much debate and differing methods of regulating building energy use over the past few years, making commercial properties as energy efficient as possible is an important consideration when analysing the above statistic.

Energy efficiency plays an intrinsic role in the justification and proposal process for the replacement of old and inefficient HVAC systems.

Important for facilities managers to consider is the long term cost saving benefits of upgrading an outdated HVAC system. Whilst there is an initial financial outlay with regards to system design and installation, energy efficiency reduces overall consumption thus, lowering expenditure over a period of time. The installation will effectively pay for itself.

Not to be overlooked is how energy-saving benefits can add gravitas and credibility to organisational Corporate Social Responsibility obligations. The FM industry has a duty of care towards operating in both an ethical as well as environmentally friendly manner.

Exciting too, is the potential integration of Industry 4.0, smart application and IoT technology within energy-saving system design and install. Evolving at a rapid pace and far greater than the first digital wave, efficiency gains are set to be even more substantial in the near future.


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Barry Aldridge MCIM

Head of Marketing at Tidyco Limited and member of the Board of Directors for Midlands Rail Forum.