Hydraulic Power Pack Design
Hydraulic Power Pack Design

Hydraulics Power!

Derby-based Tidyco, a supplier of hydraulic and pneumatic products to the UK rail industry for over 40 years, also provides complete power pack system design, build, fit and commissioning services through its hydraulics division.

Here, David McLean discusses his role within Tidyco and the vision he has for the future of the Hydraulics Division.

Hi David, can you provide a brief overview of your career to date?

I have over 30 years experience within the hydraulics industry, working for ESI, Le-Pla, Brammer before joining Tidyco in late 2016.


Have there been any significant advances within the field of Hydraulics?

There have been significant advancements in electronic applications allowing for greater control of systems. Precision has really come along and is certainly something to keep an eye on.

What is your job role within Tidyco?

I joined Tidyco as hydraulics divisional manager with the remit of bringing a full set of hydraulic skills, prowess and experience to the company. My motivational focus is to offer a diverse range of industries and clients complete hydraulic power pack solutions.

What is your primary service offering?

The hydraulics division specialises in the specification, design, supply, build as well as commissioning of bespoke power packs and systems. I am a solutions based engineer and like to analyse individual requirements so as to design the most appropriate system.

What industries are your hydraulic power pack systems typically used in?

Hydraulic power pack systems are typically found within twelve well known industries, consisting of; paper packaging, steel, automotive, pharmaceutical, plant, wood, rail, marine, off-shore, aerospace, agriculture as well as food production, to name but a few. In fact, I always encourage people to take a look around with hydraulics in mind and they will soon see that hydraulic application is absolutely everywhere!

Do you provide any additional service offerings?

Certainly, the Tidyco hydraulics division offers complete on-site fault finding, diagnosis and rectification services. I employ a team of fully skilled and equipped field based engineers capable of UK nationwide deployment so as to provide rapid diagnosis and repair of all hydraulically driven systems.

Do you supply any further product items?

I have just introduced a new filtration trolley to market which boasts an impressive 49 LPM. You can find out more by visiting the Tidyco online store. I was impressed to see how fast the media picked up on the product after seeing a Tidyco tweet. The subsequent edition of Hydraulics & Pneumatics magazine featured an in-depth article, discussing features and benefits.

Are there any other key differentiation's?

We supply all customers with access to a dedicated and secure online portal. This application allows clients to access job sheets, view invoices as well as request call outs.

Tidyco has recently obtained the Government fuelled Cyber Essentials certification, which addresses the necessity of cyber defence. Customers can use the cloud based portal with added peace of mind.

Finally, what is your vision for the future of the Tidyco hydraulics division?

Following recent reports of 14% profitable growth, I am keen to continue offering a solutions based service to all relevant industries. In order to grow the Tidyco hydraulics division, it is important for me to have an influential presence within the field. Communication is paramount and I regularly contact many different businesses to discuss how I may be of service.

Aftersales support is extremely important. We ensure that all clients have access to on-going maintenance and service packages, which reduces cost of ownership and adds longevity to the system. 

“Committed to designing and delivering a complete hydraulics solution”

David Mclean
Hydraulics Manager
Tidyco Ltd

Email: david.mclean@tidyco.co.uk

Mob: 07539 834 057

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Barry Aldridge MCIM

Head of Marketing at Tidyco Limited and member of the Board of Directors for Midlands Rail Forum.