Derby-based Tidyco, a supplier of hydraulic and pneumatic products to the UK rail industry for over 40 years, also provides reactive and mobile hydraulic hose replacement services through its Hose Doctor division.

Here, divisional manager Mark Newman discusses his role within Tidyco and the vision he has for the future of Hose Doctor.

Hi Mark, how long have you worked for Tidyco and what was your first job role within the company?

I have worked at Tidyco for just over eight years and in this time have seen the company enjoy continuing growth and success. I first joined the business as customer services manager.

Why and when did you become manager for the Hose Doctor division?

Hose Doctor was initially managed as part of the overall customer services department. However, we recognised an opportunity for significant growth within the division and realised that in order to develop the service provision, it would need its own full time management. I took the role of divisional manager just under three years ago.

How much has the Hose Doctor division grown over the past few years?

It has been fantastic to see the division grow both in terms of profitability as well as expansion of fleet and engineers. We are currently in the process of acquiring two new vans, all equipped with the necessary product and equipment to get machinery back to work as rapidly as possible.

Financially, I have seen the Hose Doctor division grow by 44% over a two year period of having full divisional control and we are on target to achieve a total three year growth of 54%.

What has been driving this growth?

We’re a solutions based supplier. I have a great team who all work really hard to make the division as successful as possible. Chris Hamp works for me as a support co-ordinator, allocating work in real time via a dedicated and secure cloud platform which utilises the very latest in live vehicle tracking. We can respond rapidly and effectively, deploying the most appropriate mobile engineer with the fastest response capability.

My engineers are top notch, too. Highly experienced, my team is committed to delivering an outstanding service for our customers.

When I say that we’re a solutions based supplier, I believe this is thanks to our ability to think laterally. For example, some of our customers benefit more by having a permanent Hose Doctor presence directly on-site. Being attributed to the Parker brand also helps.

What are the benefits of partnering with Parker to deliver your mobile hydraulic hose replacement service?

Parker is a well known brand and the product range is trusted for being of an exceptionally high quality. By partnering with the Parker Hose Doctor identity, Tidyco can maximise equipment’s efficiency by increasing productivity time between replacement requirements.

Important too, is the benefit of being part of a national network of Hose Doctor service providers. One phone call to Tidyco and we can support you wherever you are in the UK.

Furthermore, Tidyco continuously works with Parker on product innovation so as to supply our customers with the very latest in hydraulics solutions.


Are there any other key differentiation's?

We supply all customers with access to a dedicated and secure online portal. This application allows clients to access job sheets, view invoices as well as request call outs.

Tidyco has recently obtained the Government fuelled Cyber Essentials certification, which addresses the necessity of cyber defence. Customers can use the cloud based portal with added peace of mind.

Additionally, Tidyco Hose Doctor keeps clients up to date regarding ETA's and job progression by communicating progress via both SMS as well as email.


Who are your typical customers?

We have a wonderful and varied portfolio of customers ranging from construction, site preparation, and logistics through to farming and commercial printing. Think of anything hydraulics related and we can be there to replace the hosing when it blows. In a nut shell, Hose Doctor is here to get machinery working again as quickly as possible so as to reduce downtime and increase productivity.

If you take a look around, you will see that hydraulics is everywhere which I find really fascinating. Diggers, factories, planes and trains, through to manufacturing, the list goes on. Hydraulics is 

essential in supporting so many UK industries and it is very rewarding to be able to play such an important part within the overall supply chain.

We have been on-site at Euro Tunnel for the past five years and also nurture a long-standing relationship with Toyota Manual Handling. Additionally, Tidyco Hose Doctor has recently been placed on the preferred suppliers list for Van Elle.

My division is actively engaged with the East Midlands Gateway Programme. Ken is on-site pretty much every day ensuring that ground preparation machinery is working as efficiently as possible. It is really exciting to be part of a project which is going to bring so much opportunity to the region.

What is your vision for the future of the Tidyco Hose Doctor division?

Our marketing manager has recently tasked the managing director and senior management team with developing three motivational objectives. My three are; increase client productivity, supply quality products, design customer focused solutions. If I keep these objectives at the forefront of what I am aiming to achieve then I believe that Hose Doctor will enjoy on-going growth and success.

Continuing to support clients in maximising productivity will instil loyalty and brand advocacy. Through this, I will be able to acquire additional custom. Important too, is the opportunity to investigate industry segmentation and targeting.

Continuing to work in partnership with Parker to distribute quality products and on-going innovations into the supply chain will empower divisional growth. The global brand is well recognised, which helps greatly.

All clients’ requirements are different. I envisage continuing to design bespoke customer focused solutions so as to provide a relevant and effective service.

Locally, there is a great deal going on in the East Midlands. Being involved with the East Midlands Gateway during its preliminary phase has been a real boost to the team. It is important as an overall organisation to recognise the need to remain involved with the project within each stage so as to nurture continuing growth.

The future looks very bright indeed for Tidyco Hose Doctor.

Focusing upon growth; Mark Newman, divisional manager for Tidyco Hose Doctor

About the author

Barry Aldridge MCIM

Head of Marketing at Tidyco Limited and member of the Board of Directors for Midlands Rail Forum.