Global cyber crime damages will exceed $6 Trillion annually by 2021. The world will need to cyber defend 50X more data. *

With a recent global cyber attack critically penetrating a total (at the time of writing) of 51 UK NHS Trusts, it is more important than ever for businesses to fully understand the 'real world' threat of cyber crime and the unprecedented damage and harm that it can cause.

Tidyco understands the need to protect against such attacks and has recently completed a project to upgrade all necessary infrastructures so as to obtain the Government fuelled Cyber Essentials certification.

Taking a look at the LIVE Norse map highlights exactly how real, active and terrifying global cyber crime is. Businesses need to prepare to defend their brand, stakeholders, big and sensitive data as well as corporate reputation.

Complacency, denial or lack of understanding is no longer viable. Tidyco Ltd recognised the ever increasing need to protect commercially sensitive business data and infrastructures from the external threat of cyber crime.

Through its accreditation with ICO (The Information Commissioner’s Office) - Registration Number; Z2009040, Tidyco Ltd is committed to implementing systems and processes to protect all data from malicious cyber attacks.

The Cyber Essentials project was undertaken to address the needs and importance of cyber defence, data protection as well as brand custody:

• Upgrade to all necessary servers, equipment and IT infrastructures

• Auditing, review and cyber compliance from relevant external suppliers

• Application of required SSL certifications and cyber defence installation to e-commerce store

• Development of non open source corporate website

Here, Barry Aldridge MCIM, marketing manager for Tidyco discusses the importance of cyber defence:

"I have been delivering presentations in various marketing meetings and site visits for a number of years regarding data protection, brand custody, IoT, IoE as well as cyber defence.

The global cyber attack which took place on Friday 12th May 2017 proves just how real this threat is. I think the issue of corporate complacency is due in part to a fear of the unknown and the fact that cyber crime may seem at first, non-tangible. However, I am sure that cyber crime now feels all too real to the victims that were affected by Friday's attack.

It genuinely frightens me how many businesses are completely unprepared for the critical damage which can be caused by cyber crime. I see companies large and small ignore or fail to understand what is happening.

When I first joined Tidyco, there were three main marketing drivers that I was keen to action as quickly as possible. These were; trade mark brand protection, corporate social responsibility and cyber defence.

I believed strongly that cyber defence and data protection was so valuable that I made the issue a prominent category within the Tidyco Corporate Social Responsibility Statement of Intent.

Gaining cyber essentials certification is extremely important to me as I feel that all businesses have a responsibility to protect data, corporate identity, IT infrastructures as well as online platforms.

I am fortunate enough to have a top-notch developer by my side who fully understands the importance of my vision.

Bob Wood of Mediatide is totally the right person to support me in my endeavours to secure Tidyco as much as possible against the external and very much real threat of cyber crime. I wouldn't trust anybody else to continue helping our organisation in on-going initiatives to stay up to speed with the ever changing threats of digital compromise.

Secondly, I needed to source a reputable company to help Tidyco obtain Cyber Essentials accreditation. 2-sec was perfect for the task and I highly recommend them to any organisation keen to upgrade necessary infrastructures to defend against malicious penetration.

I am not saying that Tidyco is completely immune but I am pleased that I addressed the issue quickly and have done as much as I possibly can to protect the company, its data and stakeholders. I am also very lucky that the company chairman and managing director both trust my skill sets and allow me full autonomy to do what I feel is right and ethical for Tidyco.

If unsure as to how cyber secure your business is, I really do advise contacting companies such as 2-sec and requesting a remote penetration test. The results may scare you into taking further action.

I think that IT and marketing teams need to communicate more coherently with one another. All too often, I see a marketing project turbo charge ahead with little consideration regarding data protection and cyber security.”

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