Corporate Social Responsibility

Tidyco is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility and has recently been nominated towards a Parliamentary award for its CSR initiatives.

Tidyco takes the responsibility towards the safety of its customers, employees as well as positive impact upon the environment and the communities (local, national and global) within which it operates extremely seriously.

As such, the Group has developed a comprehensive set of policies, procedures, accreditations and best working practices in order to support Corporate Social Responsibility aims and objectives.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Tidyco participates in a variety of Community Benefit Practices within the local community.

Tidyco works in partnership with local authorities and educational establishments to offer a wide variety of apprenticeship schemes and work placements.

This statement, issued by the Directors of Tidyco Limited, confirms that it is the policy of the Company to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, the safety, health and welfare at work of all its employees in fulfilment of its legal and economic responsibilities. This undertaking also extends to customers and visitors to the Company.

Tidyco is committed to creating and providing products and services in a socially responsible manner, whereby customers can be confident that quality does not have to be at the expense of ethical and environmental considerations.

As both a local supplier and major exporter to over 50 countries worldwide, Tidyco addresses the necessity of ethical glocal (global and local) trading best practices.

Tidyco recognises the ever increasing need to protect commercially sensitive business data from the external threat of cybercrime.

In order to deliver an exceptional continuity of supply, Tidyco has designed a dedicated business continuity plan.

Tidyco acknowledges the duty of care to safeguard and promote the welfare of children as well as vulnerable adults and is committed to ensuring safeguarding practice reflects statutory responsibilities, government guidance and complies with best practice and requirements.

As part of its process for continuous improvement and in conjunction with a clearly defined QMS (Quality Management System), Tidyco is accredited to ISO 9001:2008 standards to ensure that products and services are of the highest quality and specifications for all stakeholders.

"Corporate Social Responsibility continues to be of significant importance regarding how businesses can best operate in an ethical manner, so as to minimise environmental impact and the way in which we support our combined communities.

I am really pleased to have worked on this dedicated CSR statement of intent manual.

Tidyco Ltd is committed to delivering a best in class customer service whilst complying with its commitment to corporate social responsibility."

Barry Aldridge MCIM
Head of Marketing for Tidyco Ltd

Barry Aldridge MCIM Head of Marketing for Tidyco

Tomorrows FM Awards 2018 Finalist


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Barry Aldridge MCIM

Head of Marketing at Tidyco Limited and member of the Board of Directors for Midlands Rail Forum.

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