Equality and Diversity within the Work Place

Derby-based Tidyco; a supplier of hydraulic and pneumatic solutions for over 40 years, here talks to Liga Aldermane - Workshop Manager about her career to date with the business and forward thinking vision for Tidyco.

Hi Liga, when did you first join Tidyco and what was your job role at that time?

I joined Tidyco in October 2013 as a Production Operative whereby I was required to participate within overall inspection and quality control processes prior to despatch.


What attributes did you bring to the job?

I am very inquisitive by nature as well as possessing a high level of attention to finer details. Through a process of investigation and evaluation, I very quickly proposed changes to the way quality control inspections were documented, reviewed and improved.

Whilst overall inspection practice was exceptionally high and in accordance with ISO 9001 accreditation, I felt it important to standardise reporting and measurement procedures so as to provide clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

My proposal was approved by Production Director, Phil Mason who gave me full autonomy to implement the measures in a way that I felt best. It was a wonderful experience to be given an opportunity such as this so early in my career with Tidyco.

Whilst my changes were very much internal as opposed to customer facing, they created far greater levels of efficiency within the engineering team.

I investigated further internal enhancements and went on to design a series of reporting measures, highlighting a series of identified key points such as opportunities for on-going training and personal development.


Were there any preliminary challenges within your job function?

Certainly, questions were asked regarding me being very new to the company combined with a slight resistance to change. All of these are very normal human characteristics which I knew would be easily resolved. Due to the eclectic diversity within the team there were some initial cultural differences but, we quickly developed ways of working co-operatively with one another. I believe strongly that it is my team’s diversity that unites us in a shared corporate vision.

My colleagues rapidly understood that my systems development project would greatly enhance productivity and as such; I was warmly accepted into the group. There is a fabulous mix of people here at Tidyco whereby we all share unified values regarding a commitment to quality and customer care. These core objectives help bring structure to the way in which we all work together. Customers benefit significantly from our solidarity.


What other challenges did you face and how were these overcome?

It’s not always easy balancing a career with being a full time mum but, the rewards are definitely worth it. I am fortunate that Phil is incredibly empathetic towards the need for nurturing a stable family environment and there is flexibility regarding accommodating working hours around my two sons. For example, I never miss a school play!

Equality and Diversity within the Work Place

Phil believes strongly that values such as these should be passed through the generations so as to nurture long-term stability and positive family ethics. There really is something to be said for creating a healthy work-life balance.

My children see me studying towards college qualifications and support me in the process.

Equality and Diversity within the Work PlaceEquality and Diversity within the Work PlaceEquality and Diversity within the Work Place

Have you learnt any additional skills since joining Tidyco?

I sure have! A strategic decision was made to bring tig welding services in-house so as to minimise outsourcing necessity. Phil was keen to send me on an intensive two week welding course through Learning Unlimited at Pride Park in Derby UK.

I accepted the challenge and successfully passed the course whilst acquiring practical welding skills. As a direct result of my training, Tidyco is now able to offer an additional service provision. Of course, the reduction in outsourcing activity has delivered substantial cost savings to the business.

Equality and Diversity within the Work Place

What came next?

I was able to apply my learnings towards developing a training course for one of my colleagues. It felt incredibly rewarding to be able to train Gareth Edwards in the art of tig welding. Importantly, this activity expanded overall skillsets throughout the team. I am proud to report that Gareth has since gone on to obtain additional qualifications which now allow him to weld to rail industry standards.

An opportunity arose within the company to apply for the position of Workshop Manager to which I applied with great enthusiasm. My application and subsequent interviews were viewed favourably and I was delighted to accept a promotion.

I have been in my management role for six months now and am thoroughly enjoying it.


Obviously determined and ambitious, what does the future look like for Liga Aldermane?

I will complete an NVQ Level 2 in Team Leadership towards the end of February 2018 after which, I plan to study towards a higher level. I genuinely believe in the importance of continuous professional development and as such am keen to identify additional areas of learning within the realms of engineering.

I like to set myself challenges, goals and objectives which help me to remain focussed. It is imperative that my team feel constantly motivated whilst never neglecting our shared values of quality, continuous improvement, innovation and exceptional customer care. It is very important for me to be able to provide my family with a healthy quality of life; entwining a successful career with a commitment towards the care of my children helps me enjoy the best of both worlds.

I think that diversity within the work place encourages creativity and increases productivity. There is a fantastic philosophy throughout the organisation regarding the sharing of ideas which I am sure will prove to be tangible in delivering long-term profitable growth.

I believe that the recruitment process should focus upon factors such as aptitude, attitude, core skills, relevant qualifications and experience. Motivation, passion and a desire to succeed are all incredibly beneficial personality traits. I cannot stress how meaningful it is to have an inquisitive mind combined with problem solving capabilities.

If you recruit with this mind-set the inevitable result is a diverse team with a wonderful mix of ideas, skill sets and experiences.

Equality and Diversity within the Work Place

Equality and Diversity within the Work Place

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