On track for 38% growth
On track for 38% growth
Derby-based Tidyco, a supplier of hydraulic and pneumatic products to the UK rail industry, here talks to Paul Jacks Divisional Rail Director about his history with the company and vision for the future of the rail service provision.

Hi Paul, when did you first join Tidyco and how has the business changed since then?

I first joined the Tidy Company in 1985 when it was a tool hire business. I remember the team on the front cover of the August 1985 edition of Enterprise magazine. Young and ambitious, I left the Tidy group for a short period to pursue a career in sales. I returned to work for David Tidy in 1996 as Technical Representative for the organisation whereby I was able to utilise my selling prowess.

It goes without saying that I have seen a lot of change within the business. There have been transitions from a tool hire service through to Tidy Hydraulics further developing into an official Parker distributor. In 2005, the company became Tidyco so as to be able to diversify into additional specialisms.

Of course, today the business offers a wide array of hydraulics, pneumatics, mobile replacement and HVAC provisions as well as supplying over 30,000 products via the online store.

It was during the days of Tidy Hydraulics that the group began to supply the rail industry. I displayed a keen interest within the Division and worked closely with then Managing Director, Rob Brown to grow market share. Reaching my current position as Rail Divisional Director has been a wonderful journey. Still very much passionate about rail, I am committed to providing an exceptional customer service as well as superior product solution to my rolling stock OEM and after sales clients.

What are your key strategic objectives for the Rail Division?

My mission statement for the Division is to strategically collaborate and engage with key decision makers within the rail industry with the aim of profitable growth through superior customer service, quality, reliability, innovation and commitment.

As part of a marketing campaign, I was recently tasked with breaking my mission statement into the following bite-size #Motivational3 objectives:

1. Collaborate with key decision makers
2. Contribute towards profitable growth
3. Provide a superior customer service

What do you believe to be valuable qualities for SME’s working within the rail industry?

The Tidyco Rail Division has recently published a comprehensive brochure entitled ‘Thinking down the line’ which discusses exactly this. I believe that it is important to be a solutions based supplier whilst accommodating for differing client needs. However, it is important to implement a series of structured systems which typically include; quality, cost savings in use, long term cost saving benefits, efficiency gains, safety, end user experience, reliability, flexibility, corporate social responsibility, industry future-proofing, continuous improvement, innovation, R&D, commercial sensitivity.

As a supplier of safety critical braking systems to the rolling stock OEM and after sales market, Tidyco understands the need to supply customers with a high quality product so as to increase rolling stock running time between service intervals, allowing for greater vehicle efficiency gains and longer-term cost savings. Extending rolling stock on-track function reduces critical down time and frequency of costly depot overhaul and repair.

Honesty and integrity is incredibly important. Tidyco regularly undergoes comprehensives external audits by both clients as well as ISO 9001 officials so as to ensure that standards are continuously upheld.

Tidyco has developed a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility Statement of Intent which is fully supported with accompanying policies and procedures so as to ensure the business can trade ethically within the supply chain.

CSR must be transparent and the Tidyco CSR manual is available from the corporate website. The business has been nominated towards a Parliamentary award for its CSR initiatives.

It is imperative to encourage an emerging workforce into the rail industry. To address this need, Tidyco collaborates with local educational establishments so as to implement apprentice schemes and University Internships.

It goes without saying that commercial sensitivity is a major concern for the wider rail industry, specifically regarding data protection. Tidyco has recently obtained the Government fuelled Cyber Essentials certification and is GDPR ready.

Are you on track for profitable growth?

Certainly, a three year growth plan was implemented during a Directorial strategy meeting in 2015 and the company is on-track for 38% growth within this period.

Can you tell us about your recent re-structure?

Gareth Scaife has recently joined the Tidyco Rail Division as Rail Account Manager which will support me as I look to be more field based and customer facing. Gareth had previously worked for the organisation for fourteen years and it is fantastic to have him back on-board. Importantly, Gareth has a complete understanding of all internal systems and processes which has empowered him to hit the ground running.

I now have the flexibility to spend more time with my clients whilst nurturing new business.

What is your vision for the Future of Tidyco Rail?

Tidyco has some fantastic brand advocacy within the rail industry through the likes of Rail Forum East Midlands and Rail Alliance. Continuing to enhance brand awareness with such stakeholders will be influential in growing the Division. There is also plenty of opportunity within the realms of export so forming allegiances with groups such as the Department for International Trade will open doors to some exciting international projects.

Of course, there is a great deal of UK rail industry activity for the business to capitalise upon. Further down the line, I envisage expanding the Division with additional personnel.