The snowflake gently falls
The snowflake gently falls
Proud to be based in Derby (The UK Rail Capital), Tidyco Ltd has over 40 years experience in the rail industry, supplying hydraulic and pneumatic products and services to major rail OEM new builds and after-sales markets.

Tidyco Ltd is a Father and Son owned company whereby a family-centric culture is encouraged and nurtured throughout the wider organisation.

The Snowflake Gently Falls

David Tidy formed Tidy Hire in 1973 as a local and trusted Derby-based tool hire service provision.

In 1986 Tidy Hire became Tidy Hydraulics so as to maximise opportunities within Derby’s manufacturing community.

James Tidy spent the summer months of his childhood working for Tidy Hydraulics whereby work duties included pressure testing hydraulic hoses for British Rail and the MOD.

2005 witnessed the company transcend into its current guise as Tidyco Ltd so as to explore additional opportunities outside the realms of hydraulics.

Respected, Valued and Considered

As a family owned business, David and James work hard to ensure that a family-centric company culture continues to be applied throughout the organisation whereby all employees feel respected, valued and considered. The end result is a diverse team working towards a shared vision based upon the following core values:

• Deliver Results
• Customer Focus
• Insist on Highest Standards
• Ownership & Accountability
• Teamwork
• Celebrate Diversity

Diversity is intrinsic to the success of applying family values within the company whereby an eclectic, multi-experienced team empowers creativity, collaboration, problem solving and innovation. Teamwork is essential in ensuring that creativity and innovation is enhanced whilst being inclusive of all people.

Ethical Origins and Critical Success Factors

David and James firmly believe that creating a family-centric working environment is a critical success factor regarding on-going growth. As the company expands, the family owners wish to maintain ethical origins first implemented in 1973.

Manufacturing from the East Midlands

Tidyco manufactures an eclectic mix of hydraulic and pneumatic products and supplies them to a variety of industries. In particular, the organisation enjoys significant success within the rail industry whereby large OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and maintenance customers benefit from the supply of hydraulic hose assemblies, air, water and fuel filters, pneumatic components, fittings, couplings and clamps as well as safety critical braking systems.

Furthermore, Tidyco operates a reactive mobile fleet of hydraulic hose replacement engineers. By the very nature of heavy machinery function, the hydraulic hose mechanisms are prone to frequent blow out, rendering the machine inoperable. Understandably, this can lead to substantial downtime and loss of productivity. The Tidyco Hose Doctor Service aims to be on-site within one hour so as to restore productivity as quickly as possible. Each van holds a swaging machine and all necessary tools to manufacture hydraulic hoses to specification whilst on-site.


Further diversification has seen the introduction of the Tidyco Climate Control Division. David Hithersay supports commercial properties of differing requirements with a complete HVAC design, supply, installation and on-going planned maintenance value added service provision.

Independent Hydraulic and Pneumatic Divisions have been developed so as to profitably grow the organisation by the penetration of additional markets via intelligent and targeted marketing tactics.

The Derby-based facility operates the following manufacturing processes:

• Brake Hose Assembly
• Hose Pressure Testing
• Push-Lok Hose Assemblies
• Swaged Hose Manufacture
• Hydraulic Hose Cleaning
• Mobile Hydraulic Filtration
• Pneumatic Cylinder Manufacture and Repair
• Tube Bending
• Automated Tube Bending for Large Batch Quantities
• Beading
• TIG Welding
• Particle and In-Line Particle Testing
• Overhaul and Repair Facility


When considering the Health and Safety implementations of rolling stock braking systems it is imperative that Tidyco Adheres to stringent quality control procedures and as such is ISO 9001 accredited.

The company is further bolstered by the following industry standards and approvals; F-Gas, Gas Safe, Safecontractor, British Fluid Power Association.

Fire Safe

Tidyco addressed fire safety issues for the London Underground by sourcing and manufacturing from raw materials which meet EN 45545-2 standards.

The business has been fully equipped to supply EN 45545-2 fire safe products to the rolling stock supply chain well in advance of official legislation.


Tidyco actively encourages creativity throughout the organisation and firmly believes that a diverse working culture agitates imagination and innovation. The company has undergone research and accredited training regarding the subject matters of creative thinking and as such, understands that creativity and innovation flourishes best when collective thoughts and experiences are shared within an eclectic group of people.


With learning in mind, Tidyco has implemented a #LearningHub resource whereby all attended courses and training documents are categorised and stored within the Cyber Essentials accredited secure cloud environment with the idea being that eclectic, shared learning is made available to all.

Tidyco believes that people are its greatest asset and as such deploys continuous professional development throughout the company. The organisation works closely with educational establishments, currently recruiting 1 x University Intern as Marketing Assistant, 1 x Apprentice as Accounts Assistant and 3 x Engineering Apprentices; one of whom is mobile. Lifelong learning is essential to on-going growth. Keep watching the Tidyco publishing platforms for further discussions related to individual human worth and commercial value at each stage of a persons career within a rapidly expanding work force demographic.

The company is making great moves in supporting the wider rail industry with regards to improving diversity figures and has formed alliances with the Women in Rail initiative whereby Liga Aldermane has been nominated towards the 2018 rising star category.

Liga has enjoyed tremendous success in her four years working for the company whereby she has rapidly been promoted to Workshop Manager. Importantly, Liga has been a prominent figure in requesting training so as to diversify Tidyco product offering. The acquired welding kudos has empowered the business to minimise sub-contracting activity so as to enhance quality control whilst reducing expenditure for the customer.

Tidyco’s Head of Marketing is currently studying towards a Level 7 CIM Postgraduate Marketing Leadership qualification as well as maximising all training courses made available by the Open University, Midlands Rail Forum, Rail Alliance, D2N2 and Department for International Trade.

Partnering with Croner Group has empowered all engineers to maintain the very latest training and standards regarding Health & Safety, risk assessments and overall method statements.

#LearningHub continues to nurture and grow overall learnings and experiences; not confined to work based content, the hub also features personal interest training such as creative writing and photography.


In June 2017, rail industry body; Midlands Rail Forum recognised organisational commitment to the industry by electing the Tidyco Head of Marketing onto its Board of Directors so as to represent SMES at regional level.

2018 has already seen the company recognised by industry trade press, Tomorrow’s FM as a finalist within its product innovation category for the Tidyco Asset Management System.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Committed to Corporate Social Responsibility, Tidyco has designed, implemented and continues to audit and review a Corporate Social Responsibility Statement of Intent.

As such, Tidyco is a trusted SME within the wider supply chain whereby it is highly respected as an SME ambassador regarding ethical trading, scope of supply as well as family-centric core values and company culture.

Parliamentary Award Nomination

Tidyco was nominated towards a Parliamentary Award as Responsible Business Champion as a direct result of agitating positive change throughout all stakeholder groups.

A Unique Snowflake

Tidyco is unique compared to many similar sized organisations whereby corporate responsibility is intrinsic to goals, objectives, mission statements as well as wider business strategy. The company is successful in influencing positive change throughout the supply chain as well as wider rail industry.

Interestingly, the company acts as an SME ambassador regarding best practices. Creating an ethical and responsible corporate culture is incredibly time consuming but very much necessary when regarding objectives for positive development.

Cyber Resilient

In the first quarter of 2017, Tidyco set about upgrading all IT infrastructures as well as overhauling online content managed systems and conducting supplier audits so as to ensure all digital applications adhered to stringent quality control criteria. As a direct result of its endeavours, April 2017 witnessed Tidyco being awarded with the Government fuelled Cyber Essentials certification.

Just a few weeks later, the global WannaCry Ransomware attack took place. Tidyco pre-empted the attack by being proactive as opposed to reactive; regarding the topical subject matter of cyber defence as being incredibly important and worthy of inclusion within quality control procedures and CSR documentation. Installing quality IT systems ensured that all commercially sensitive data was protected and secure.

Sustainability, Strategic Change and Social Marketing

Whilst internal policies and procedures address sustainability via best micro working methods, Tidyco is empathetic towards the need to engage with all stakeholders throughout the supply chain by actively applying sustainability due diligence, ethical transparency compliance, continuous supply chain monitoring, review and rectification.

Tidyco believes that ethical consumerism is not merely confined to the B2C (Business to Consumer) market but should be significantly entwined within all B2B (Business to Business) operating practices. When analysing reported figures highlighting SMEs accounting for 99% of the UK economy, it becomes incredibly apparent precisely how important it is for companies of all sizes to implement systems and processes so as to nurture sustainability throughout all operations.

As the ease and frequency of global trade increases, the positive impact made by individual SMEs amounts to an accumulated and far greater shift towards international betterment.

Tidyco understands that total supply chain, industry and wider sector collaboration is intrinsic to continuing sustainability advancements. Important too, is the need to work in partnership with Public Sector and Government institutions so as to meet wider targets.

Rather unique for a manufacturing SME, social marketing forms an important part of the overall Tidyco marketing strategy which includes the development and implementation of a dedicated Corporate Social Responsibility Statement of Intent within which; sustainability is a primary focus.

Modern day marketing is capable of agitating influential, far reaching and progressive change regarding both sustainability as well as wider corporate responsibility challenges. If harnessed positively, the power of current mass media can generate global change on a major scale.

Tidyco is very much aware of this and uses the digital landscape to communicate sustainability initiatives to an international audience.

Reasons for Change

Important for business leaders to consider is that whilst initial time and effort is required to implement best working practices so as to successfully address sustainability within an organisation (both at strategic and operational level), the end result delivers tangible improvements regarding overall performance.

Understandably, many organisations face challenges presenting sustainability proposals as part of an overall strategy to Board Room level. Tidyco understands that initiating strategic sustainability SMART objectives serve two purposes:

1. Progressive and positive change to a common ideal (global collaboration in sustainability)
2. Implementing sustainability initiatives has a positive influence to the financial bottom line

Sustainability is and will continue to be incorporated at Board Room strategy level. Continuous professional development is incredibly important to the success of on-going sustainability activity whereby Tidyco will always offer lifelong training to all employees.


Tidyco is incredibly proud of the family-centric values first introduced by Founder, David Tidy in 1973. Ethical values remain incredibly poignant within modern times whereby Corporate Social Responsibility forms part of the overall strategy.

A core Tidyco shared value is the celebration of diversity and the company encourages inclusion, respectful tone of voice, supportive conduct, creativity, collaboration, innovation and productivity.

The company is aware that as a manufacturer within the realms of engineering, it is imperative to address environmental impact and as such has installed major facilities upgrades whilst conducting continuous reviews and monitoring procedures so as to improve overall working practices thus, minimising detrimental environmental impact as well as caring for employee and community well-being.

Tidyco supports local businesses so as to conduct similar projects for the benefit of the combined environment and communities within which we all live.

Quality of product and service is incredibly important to Tidyco whereby the company works hard to ensure that brand reputation is both protected and widely respected throughout all stakeholder groups.

About the author

Barry Aldridge MCIM

Head of Marketing at Tidyco Limited and member of the Board of Directors for Midlands Rail Forum.