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Proud to be based in Derby (The UK Rail Capital), Tidyco Ltd has over 40 years’ experience in the rail industry, supplying hydraulic and pneumatic products and services to major rail OEM new builds and after-sales markets.

Tidyco Ltd supplies Parker solutions to over 50 countries worldwide. The fully functioning online store has thousands of Parker parts ready for shipping across the globe. Tidyco truly meets the Hydraulic and Pneumatic demands of an international market.

Tidyco manufactures an eclectic mix of hydraulic and pneumatic products and supplies them to a variety of industries. In particular, the organisation enjoys significant success within the rail industry whereby large OEMs and maintenance customers benefit from the supply of hydraulic hose assemblies, air, water and fuel filters, pneumatic components, fittings, couplings and clamps as well as safety critical braking systems.

Furthermore, Tidyco operates a reactive mobile fleet of hydraulic hose replacement engineers. By the very nature of heavy machinery function, the hydraulic hose mechanisms are prone to frequent blow out, rendering the machine inoperable. Understandably, this can lead to substantial downtime and loss of productivity. The Tidyco Hose Doctor Service aims to be on-site within one hour so as to restore productivity as quickly as possible. Each van holds a swaging machine and all necessary tools to manufacture hydraulic hoses to specification.

The Derby-based facility operates the following manufacturing processes:

• Brake Hose Assembly
• Hose Pressure Testing
• Push-Lok Hose Assemblies
• Swaged Hose Manufacture
• Hydraulic Hose Cleaning
• Mobile Hydraulic Filtration
• Pneumatic Cylinder Manufacture and Repair
• Tube Bending
• Automated Tube Bending for Large Batch Quantities
• Beading
• TIG Welding
• Particle and In-Line Particle Testing
• Overhaul and Repair Facility

When considering the Health and Safety implementations of rolling stock braking systems it is imperative that Tidyco Adheres to stringent quality control procedures and as such is ISO 9001 accredited. 

The company is further bolstered by the following industry standards and approvals; F-Gas, Gas Safe, Safecontractor, British Fluid Power Association.

Empathetic towards the necessity of data protection and cyber defence, Tidyco upgraded all IT infrastructures and online digital platforms so as to obtain the Government fuelled Cyber Essentials certification. Coincidently, just a few weeks after successful accreditation the global WannaCry attack took place. Tidyco demonstrated digital prowess by being proactive as opposed to reactive.

Tidyco supplies to the London Underground whereby low smoke and toxicity specifications must be adhered to in order to satisfy safety critical needs for all end users. Tidyco sourced the necessary raw materials so as to comply with EN 45545-2 fire safety standards. Interestingly, EN 45545-2 became compulsory for rolling stock materials in March 2018 whereby the business has comfortably provided the supply chain with fit-for-purpose, fire safe products for an impressive number of years prior to legislation.

Tidyco has reported a 27% growth in operational turnover over a three year period with substantially healthy bottom line figures. Accounts are bolstered by an exceptional credit rating meaning that Tidyco is a financially robust organisation; instilling both its OEM and wider client portfolio with purchasing confidence.

Manufacturing hydraulic and pneumatic components for the rail industry equates to 45% of overall turnover; highlighting the importance that rolling stock plays towards on-going trading performance. When analysing the percentage; it becomes abundantly apparent precisely how necessary it is for Tidyco to strategically collaborate with the wider rail industry.

Tidyco’s Head of Marketing represents SMEs and manufacturers by being a member of the Board of Director’s for industry body Midlands Rail Forum. The business is also a member of Rail Alliance and works closely with the Rail Supply Group regarding wider Government proposals. Close bonds are also maintained with the Department for International Trade (DIT).

Tidyco is very much aware that influential stakeholder engagement is intrinsic towards on-going success within the rail industry.

Tidyco also recognises the need to offer a variety of manufacturing services to a mix of differing industries and sectors. The Cyber Essentials certification provides an opportunity to supply the Ministry of Defence.

Divisional percentage contribution highlights significant opportunities for overall business growth. Local activity regarding the East Midlands Gateway programme indicates promising future activity whereby the Tidyco Hose Doctor Division already has an on-site presence by replacing ground preparation vehicle hoses.

Fully embracing the digital age, Tidyco hosts a fully functional online store. Online commerce has truly opened doors to international trade whereby stock held hydraulic and pneumatic parts are distributed to the EMEA, Far East and American markets.

A measured six month period retuned a 50% growth in digital export activity.

The business plans for significant growth over the next three years whereby traditional marketing methods of segmentation, targeting and positioning will play incredibly important roles.

Service diversification delivers significant expansion potential whereby the business is now competent in providing additional welding capabilities to rail industry standards.

Tidyco actively encourages creativity throughout the organisation and firmly believes that a diverse working culture agitates imagination and innovation. The company has undergone research and accredited training regarding the subject matters of creativity and innovation and as such, understands that creativity flourishes best when collective thoughts and experiences are shared within an eclectic group of people.

Tidyco addressed fire safety issues for the London Underground by diversifying its supply chain so as to source raw materials meeting EN 45545-2 standards.

Bespoke machinery has been internally designed and manufactured so as to increase hose production efficiency allowing for greater numbers of products to be produced in shorter time frames.

Equally important was the strategic decision to bring TIG welding services in-house so as to diversify product offering which required substantial training. The training was subsequently shared throughout the manufacturing team so as to expand skill sets.

With learning in mind, Tidyco has implemented a #LearningHub resource whereby all attended courses and training documents are categorised and stored within the Cyber Essentials accredited secure cloud environment with the idea being that eclectic, shared learning is made available to all.

Tidyco introduced a 24 hour pneumatic cylinder breakdown repair service. Evolving the concept further, Tidyco’s Head of Marketing introduced the idea of entwining on-site pneumatic cylinder repair and replacement with the pre-existing mobile hydraulic hose business model. The service is predominantly localised with niche growth areas within the quarrying and aggregate industries.

Realising the need for product traceability, Tidyco developed Identi-Hose whereby every single manufactured hose is asset tagged and stored within respective clients Cyber Secure cloud portal areas. Full supply chain details are provided whilst also allowing the customer to repeat purchase in batch quantities. Realising that Identi-Hose in itself was a valuable asset, Tidyco worked in partnership with local firm Swindell & Pearson to set about trade marking the service provision.

The secure portal allows for complete visibility of order manufacturing progress as well as comprehensive supply chain audit. Additionally, the provision allows for intelligent asset scanning capability which enables real time monitoring and automated service alerts. Known as the asset management system, this particular product reached finalist stage in the Tomorrow’s FM 2018 product innovation awards.

Real time vehicle tracking ensures the fastest possible response time whilst reducing travel distances so as to add environmental gravitas. Taking the concept further, Tidyco introduced on-site container services to some of its reactive customers which has been proven to significantly reduce overall carbon footprint.

Each and every hydraulic and pneumatic project requires a bespoke design whereby Tidyco engineers attend site so as to fault find, diagnose, design and manufacture the most appropriate solution.

Tidyco’s Hydraulics Manager has been instrumental in developing and manufacturing a mobile hydraulic fluid transfer unit capable of moving an industry first 49 litres per minute of hydraulic fluid; making the invention an ideal innovation for larger, high productivity hydraulics equipment.

A recent investment in new tube bending machinery will allow Tidyco to dramatically increase product offerings to a varied array of industries and sectors. Imaginative ideas are already being mapped out to provide creative sculptures to built environments such as shopping centres, restaurants and even open air spaces.

Tidyco believes that people are its greatest asset and as such deploys continuous professional development throughout the company. The organisation works closely with educational establishments, currently recruiting 1 x University Intern as Marketing Assistant, 1 x Apprentice as Accounts Assistant and 3 x Engineering Apprentices; one of whom is mobile.

The company is making great moves in supporting the wider rail industry with regards to improving diversity figures and has formed alliances with the Women in Rail initiative whereby Liga Aldermane was nominated towards the 2018 rising star category. 

Liga has enjoyed tremendous success in her four years working for the company whereby she has rapidly been promoted to Workshop Manager. Importantly, Liga has been a prominent figure in requesting training so as to diversify Tidyco product offering. The acquired welding kudos has empowered the business to minimise sub-contracting activity so as to enhance quality control whilst reducing expenditure for the customer.

Tidyco’s Head of Marketing is currently studying towards a Level 7 CIM Postgraduate Marketing Leadership qualification as well as maximising all training courses made available by the Open University, Midlands Rail Forum, Rail Alliance, D2N2 and Department for International Trade.

The Head of Marketing is committed to providing a plethora of recognised training for the Marketing Assistant so as to acquire tangible practical skills.

Partnering with Croner has empowered all engineers to maintain the very latest training and standards regarding Health & Safety, risk assessments and overall method statements.

#LearningHub has been implemented so as to nurture and grow overall learnings and experiences; not confined to work based training, the hub also features personal interest training such as creative writing and photography.

The company has recently invested £150, 000 into the procurement of a state-of-the art CNC tube bending machine. Excitingly, the equipment features an outstandingly high tech robotic arm. Additional training is being provided so as to skill the work force with regards to machine operation and robotic programming. The new machinery will allow Tidyco to dramatically increase product offerings to a varied array of industries and sectors.

Substantial investment in a state-of-the-art CNC tube manipulation machine proves testament towards Tidyco’s commitment to growth and continuous evolution via the design, manufacture and supply of new products into both existing as well as new markets (Ansoff’s Growth Matrix).

Complete with automated robot technology and M2M (Machine to Machine) capability, the CNC tube bending investment represents a wonderful opportunity for significant product diversification. Importantly, staff will acquire new skills which will empower the organisation with regards to its belief in CPD (Continuous Professional Development).

Whilst the investments allows Tidyco to offer a new manipulated tube product range to an existing rail market; the realms of opportunity are infinite regarding the exploration of new markets, sectors and industries. The upgrade of manufacturing equipment, robotics, M2M and wider technology opens employee mind-set to imagine a plethora of creative possibilities.

Liga Aldermane has been instrumental in re-designing quality control procedures throughout the manufacturing plant so as to improve traceability, quality control and production efficiency. 

Furthermore, strategically introducing TIG welding to the Tidyco scope of supply has allowed clientele to benefit from a rationalised supply chain which delivers substantial cost savings.

The development of a hydraulic filtration trolley capable of transferring fluids at a faster rate than any other product on the market has empowered Tidyco to dramatically reduce downtime for its customers.

Always innovating and forever diversifying; Tidyco has introduced a reactive on-site pneumatic cylinder replacement service to compliment the Hose Doctor Division.

The Tidyco Asset Management system has been modernised so as to comply with Government fuelled Cyber Essentials accreditation and was recognised by industry Trade Press Tomorrow’s FM whereby the company reached finalist stage for Product Innovation of the Year 2018.

Derby-based Tidyco is proud to predominantly supply to the rail industry whereby the manufacturer plays an intrinsic role within an industry that is incredibly important to the local community regarding employment, investment and financial influence.

The rail supply chain is wonderfully diverse whereby SMEs must be able to provide goods and services in a transparent manner. Tidyco has developed a reputation within the industry as being trusted, dependable as well as possessing ethical core values which encourage diversity, inclusion, innovation and creativity. 

Furthermore, it is critical for OEMs and overhaul clients to feel confident regarding quality, fit-for-purpose product whilst being supplied in a timely manner. Tidyco is committed to continuous improvement and providing an efficient service for its rail portfolio.

The Hose Doctor Division provides a localised reactive-emergency hydraulic hose replacement service and enjoys particular success in the construction, ground preparation, agriculture and aggregate industries. Due to the nature of the heavy machinery job function, blown hydraulic hosing is a common occurrence whereby operational function needs to be restored as quickly as possible so as to maximise productivity. 

Hose Doctor aims to be on-site within one hour and has a variety of long-term customers; enjoying particular success with Toyota Material Handling. Hose Doctor recently successfully retained an on-site hydraulic hose replacement service for Euro Tunnel, whereby the company maintains efficiency for all freight rolling stock.

The Hydraulics Division operates within a wide and varied range of industries, including; military, aerospace, manufacturing and offshore.

The Pneumatics Division is beginning to grow considerable market share within the food production industry, whereby Tidyco recently manufactured P1D pneumatic cylinders as part of a wider compressed air aluminium piping system installation. The Tidyco Head of Marketing is currently investigating routes to market within pharmaceutical production whilst continuing to monitor local East Midlands Gateway activity. If marketed correctly, the Pneumatics Division has the potential to grow both profitably as well as significantly.

Tidyco has been successful in opening its doors to international trade via a bespoke and fully Cyber Essentials secured online commerce platform. The company regularly exports stock held parts to the international EMEA, Far East and American markets.

As an ethical organisation, Tidyco has introduced the Environmental Management System which forms part of an overall Corporate Social Responsibility Statement of Intent. Tidyco environmental practices consider both local and global communities whilst working towards enhancing the areas within which we all live. Tidyco describes this philosophy as; trading ethically within a glocal (global and local) market place.

Working Towards a Safer Environment:

• Tidyco recognises that its business activities have both a direct and indirect impact on the environment
• Tidyco strives to continuously improve its performance though on-going best practice
• Tidyco is committed to providing the resources essential to the implementation, control and review of its entire product catalogue and service offering

Tidyco environmental practices encompass:

1. Minimise disturbance to the local and global environment and to the quality of life of the communities within which we operate
2. Fully comply with all relevant statutory regulation
3. Maintain appearances and highest environmental standards within the Company premises
4. Take positive steps to conserve scarce and non-renewable resources
5. Assess, in advance if possible, environmental effects of new processes and developments
6. Provide necessary information to enable proper use, storage and disposal of Company products to avoid harm to the environment
7. Provide necessary information to enable employees to operate processes properly so as to minimise effects on people and the environment
8. Keep the public informed of major new projects in the locality

The Derby-based manufacturing plant has completed a number of facilities management operations so as to improve the built environment’s overall energy efficiency, including; installation of LED lighting throughout the property, activation of a solar panelled roofing system as well as integration of a heat pump water heating system.

Tidyco worked in partnership with Derby City Council so as to secure a D2EE fund to support the LED upgrade. The outcome has resulted in a 60% reduction in energy consumption.

Tidyco’s Production Director advises local businesses as how best to source funding in order to improve a commercial properties environmental kudos and overall energy efficiency.

A volatile global economy presents ever fluctuating opportunities and threats whereby Tidyco has to be reactive regarding both importing and exporting activity, a solutions based approach has been to source locally wherever possible whilst manufacturing directly from its Derby-based facility so as to support and positively agitate local business economy and retain high control of product quality.

Brexit imposes insecurity for all businesses and Tidyco is addressing potential threats via existing market growth as well as the penetration of new and multiple markets. Product and service expansion will also be influential in long-term success and profitability. Continuing investment in new manufacturing machinery forms part of overall corporate critical success factors.

Easily overlooked, Tidyco has addressed GDPR by implementing systems and processes so as to ensure full compliancy.

The company has conducted supplier diversification so as to manufacture fire safe products in accordance with EN 45545-2 regulations.

Tidyco is incredibly proud of the family-centric values first introduced by Founder, David Tidy in 1973 when the business began as a localised tool hire service. Ethical values remain incredibly poignant within modern times whereby Corporate Social Responsibility forms part of mission statements, goals, objectives and wider strategy function.

Tidyco engages with all stakeholders and is striving to be an SME ambassador for best ethical trading practices within the wider rail industry. A core Tidyco shared value is the celebration of diversity and the company encourages inclusion, respectful tone of voice, supportive conduct, creativity, collaboration, innovation and productivity.

The company is aware that as a manufacturer within the realms of engineering, it is imperative to address environmental impact and as such has installed major facilities upgrades as well as activate continuous reviews and monitoring procedures so as to improve overall working practices thus, minimising detrimental environmental impact.

Tidyco supports local businesses so as to conduct similar projects for the benefit of the environment and communities within which we all live.

Quality of product and service is incredibly important to Tidyco and the company works hard to ensure that brand reputation is both protected and widely respected throughout all stakeholder groups.

About the author

Barry Aldridge MCIM

Head of Marketing at Tidyco Limited and member of the Board of Directors for Midlands Rail Forum.